S.W.O.T Committee

The SWOT Committee provides in-depth analysis of regional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats connected to a proposed business venture that the IBA is considering for adoption; SWOT analysis elements are commonly understood in the following terms:

  • Strengths are a region’s relative competitive advantages (e.g., industry supply chains and clusters, extensive port, rail, and broadband assets, specialized workforce skills, higher education levels, collaboration among stakeholders) and often are internal in nature;
  • Weaknesses are a region’s relative competitive disadvantages (e.g., a risk-averse or change-resistant regional culture), also often internal in nature;
  • Opportunities are chances or occasions for regional improvement or progress (e.g., expansion of a biosciences research lab in the region), often external in nature; and
  • Threats are chances or occasions for negative impacts on the region or regional decline (e.g., several companies in the region considering moving to lower-cost areas of the state), also often are external in nature.

The SWOT Committee will clearly state the goals of the project which will be used to measure performance and passed on to the Project Eval Committee is the IBA and GA adopt the project after vote.

The SWOT Committee also develops a Strategic Direction/Action Plan: The strategic direction and action plan should build on findings from the SWOT analysis and incorporate/integrate elements from other regional plans (e.g., land use and transportation, workforce development, etc.) where appropriate. The action plan should also identify the stakeholder(s) responsible for implementation, timetables, and opportunities for the integrated use of other State Assembly funds.

Finally, The SWOT Committee creates a final ONE PAGE summary of the detailed report for reading aloud prior to IBA vote and (if it passes) the GA vote. The summary and full report are made available to all good standing members of the GA for review.