Living Court

Welcome to the Tennessee Supreme Court Documents Page under the Jural Assembly Pillar of The Tennessee Assembly! We hold General Concurrent Jurisdiction as we are staffed and populated by living people that have taken the time and energy to correct their status and have participated in the reconstruction of our original Tennessee Jural Assembly Pillar.

Please excuse our mess while we adjust our forms to meet the needs of living people!

The Court process is laid out in four stages: Stage 1 is the beginning of the court process AFTER having tried to resolve the Claimant’s issues personally between the Claimant and the other party. Stage 2 is the arbitration process between the Claimant and the Accused and court appointed Arbitrators. Stage 3 is determining a resolution or if there is no agreed resolution, then pushing on to a hearing by a jury of your piers. Stage 4 is the final stage that results in a decision. The following files are documents that are used through this four stage process.