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Our Common Law courts need capable and willing jury members to step up and take the bull by the horn to curtail the injustice in our great country today.

A Jury Pool is not a body of water. It is a group of living woman and men 21 years of age or older and able to meet all the criteria for serving on a jury in court.

What kind of court? Good question. Not a volley ball or basketball or tennis court. But a common law court. A fully functional court of real law, by and for the People.

To participate in the Jury Pool on Tennessee we must first have changed our status to that of an American State Citizen or to an American State National willing to serve as an American State Citizen for the duration of jury duty.

The obligation to be present as a juror for the duration of jury duty may involve one day or a month of volunteer service to our state. It could entail just one trial or several.

We on Tennessee don’t yet have a good mental picture of how common law court will look or how long it will take to stand up our Republic system of law, but one thing is for sure, until we do and do it well, we will continue to be subjected to the a system of justice and law that was never intended to exist.

Injustice as the color of law prevails on our land. We are taken advantage of everyday by incorporated courts, corruption from the squad car to the flag pole on top of the State of State of Tennessee Capitol building.

To bring our land and soil back under the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the inalienable rights designed into our very being then we must start by standing up our Tennessee Jural Assembly with all of it’s components.

While there are several sub-committees that make up the Jural Assembly, our Jury Pool must be among the first to become fully functional. To make this a reality we need 35-50 ready, willing and qualified Tennesseans to sit on a Grand Jury and to be ready for lessor courtroom situations.

Jury Pool Qualifications

State Citizens are State Nationals who undertake the obligations of Self-Governance in behalf of the State of the Union where they live.

To participate as a Jury Pool Member, State Citizens must meet the following long standing criteria:

  • At least 21 years of age.
  • Preferred to be an owner of physical land.
  • Must have a recorded status change and recognized as one returning to the land and soil jurisdiction.
  • Must have completed a Jury Pool Agreement, autographed and recorded on the Land recording Office.

Required Paperwork To Serve On A Jury Pool

There are three pieces of paper that each potential jury member will need to fill out complete and submit to a Recording Secretary so they can be published on the Land Recording System.

The first necessary item is titled “Tennessee Jury Assembly Agreement”. This agreement provides to all the general public that an individual has accepted the challenge and honor of serving as a Jury Pool Member. Once downloaded, print and autograph with the name syntax of the 928 or 1779 paperwork process. It’s you autograph, you decide. Could be “First-Middle: Last Name:©”. (without the perenties)

The TJAMA document requires two (2) witnesses. Preferred American State National/Citizen if possible.

A copy of the Tennessee Jury Assembly Agreement may be downloaded here:

The second item to download and autograph is the “Jury Pool Qualifications”. Sounds like what it is, a summary of the required qualifications for serving on a Jury Pool on Tennessee.

That document may be downloaded here:

Your autograph and date are the only requirements for this item. Once both documents are properly autographed, and dated, simply forward a color copy of both items to a Recording Secretary and the Chairman of the Jury Pool Committee.

The third item that needs to be filled out completely is the “Jury Pool Service Questionnaire”. It is really necessary to learn a little about each potential Juror before getting settled in the courtroom for that first case of Common Law activity. I’m sure you would agree that knowing the fellow American’s sitting next to you in the Jury Box went through a vetting process will most certainly serve to protect the integrity of our Common Law court system. So download it below like other two above and provide the information, get a copy to a Recording Secretary and one to the Jury Pool Committee Chairman.

Across the State and Across the Country

As we change our political status and plant our feet and life firmly back on the land soil of any state, forward motion is key in standing up our Republican form of government. Every State Assembly must have big hearted and fully focused volunteers to see the dream become the reality.

But everyone counts. Everyone matters. The State Assemblies are a place where your voice, opinion, ideas and actions will do the most good. As soon as possible, go ahead and submit your Tennessee Jury Assembly Agreement as soon as you meet the qualifications as set by the Federation of States so you may take part in the remaking of American history. A restored Republic form of government.

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