Process and Paperwork

    So you are just starting out on your journey to becoming a State National and just have some questions on where to begin. All documents listed below are in the proper format and may include local Tennessee laws that pertain to our standing as American State Nationals so DO NOT ALTER the forms other than to add your personal information in the logical spots. If you have questions – ask.

    To lawfully declare yourself an American State National all you need is the appropriate 1779 Declaration form, copy of your birth certificate, and your 2 properly completed witness statements.

1779 Declaration – Take to a local notary and sign in blue ink. (Please note, if you were not born in one of the fifty states OR you are currently employed by a federal or municipal agency, please contact your state coordinator at [email protected] for alternative forms and documentation – do not use this form)

Witness Document (Men) or Witness Document (Women) – Print one copy, place a passport photo of yourself in the picture space and use a color copier or scanner to print out two color copies of the blank form with your photo embedded in the document. Send this document to two different people whom have known you seven years or more. Those people fill out how they know you (and for how long) and then take the document to a local notary and autograph the document in front of the notary in blue ink. They must then return the original (not a picture or copy) of the autographed document to you.

Once you have all 3 notarized documents, you are ready to publish them and send a copy to your state coordinator by email. In your email to the coordinator, request that she add you to the New Member Orientation class schedule to attend at your convenience. The New Member Orientation will assist your understanding of the way things work and also demonstrate how to open your Master Account with the Global Family Bank (in case you need help). You will receive an email notification how to attend this class.

Lastly, your publishing choices are:

  1. Global International Lawful Land & Soil, Recording & Publishing System – This publishing service is still under construction and not 100% functioning but is a free option when it is completed soon. Please note: This service is NOT a service provided by the Tennessee Assembly nor do we do troubleshooting, assist with customer service, nor are we privy to any communication about your account. You must contact them separately at [email protected] with questions. During the New Member Orientation Class, you will be shown how to set up your Master bank account as a courtesy if you provide picture ID and proof of address in addition to the documents above. This is recommended for all American State Nationals/Citizens and especially those not wishing to hold an Assembly office and not doing the full 928 package. This service is currently free of cost and you can do it yourself from your own computer.
  2. The Land Recording Office – Also an international publishing system that is linked to everify to confirm your identity. This is accessible to law enforcement and other officials to verify your identity should you need it. This system is recommended for Assembly Office holders with multiple documents to publish in addition to setting up an account on Global Family. Publishing is $25 for as many documents as you have completed at one time and must be done by a Tennessee State Recording Secretary. Contact your Tennessee State Coordinator by email at [email protected] to get connected.
  3. Find your own State of State Recording Office – Record under “Miscellaneous”. Fees vary. You can even record outside the state if you find something less expensive. The service you need from them is to obtain copies and a certifying stamp or seal that these documents are indeed recorded and exact copies if you need them.
  4. Email a copy of all your notarized documents to your state coordinator at [email protected]. Please include a copy of your birth documents but know that we never publish birth documents, we only need a copy on file with your Assembly record as proof. You must have a record established with your State Assembly to participate. At the same time, request to get connected with the New Member Orientation Class.

    If you wish to help reconstruct our Lawful government and hold office in our Tennessee Assembly as an American State Citizen and vote or serve in the Business Assembly, you will need to complete the 928 forms listed below in addition to the 1779 declaration, copy of your birth certificate, and your 2 witness statements. A State Recording Secretary will help you with the following documents. Once you publish your 1779 Declaration and two witness forms yourself on Global Family, please contact your state coordinator at [email protected] to get connected and start on the rest of your forms with assistance. Each of our State Recording Secretaries are trained to assist you with the best and most efficient path for your unique circumstances. Feel free to download the zipped files which contain the various documents below to get a good understanding of what each document is specifically doing for you. Once you download, right click on the file and choose “extract” and save the files to a convenient place on your computer or device.

Documents For Men

Documents For Women