First Steps

Step One

Decide if you are ready to do paperwork or if you need more information. The Tennessee Assembly has a great New Member Orientation class and the TASA website has hours and hours of self accessible information. Want to hear more of what Anna, The Fiduciary of The United State of America has to about your real history? Anna’s written articles are here. Anna’s recorded Monday night webinars are here.

Step Two

Read and understand the paperwork. You only need 3 pieces of paper completed and notarized to come home to the land and soil. Take a look and see if you are in alignment. To hold an office within the Assembly and join the reconstruction efforts, you have more paperwork to do and self educating to accomplish but we would love to have you help raise the roof on our efforts!

Step Three

Set up your master bank account in the land jurisdiction Bilateral Banking system that serves Americans and their unincorporated businesses. You must provide valid paperwork that declares your chosen political status.