Self-Education Is Ongoing

The Tennessee Assembly

Has weekly classes on Saturday afternoon and bi weekly classes every other Tuesday evening. In these Virtual classes you will learn about the structure of the Assembly and how you can contribute. These classes are considered mandatory if you plan to hold office, vote or become part of a comity.

Dave Russel on Alabama has a new webiste for the Notice Placard for auto (placed in back windows):
These aren’t ‘license plates’ and Anna has asked us not to ‘poke the bear’.

Weekly Open Training Calls:

Anna’s article: Objection to Evil –
Teri encourages to include this article w/any Notices we send out personally & as an Assembly.

If you haven’t read the Peace Proclamation –

  • Monday Night Q & A Webinars w/Anna VR:
    Every Monday at 5 pm Alaska – 8 pm Central- 9 pm Eastern
    Note: a new link will be provided each week. This link will take you to the page w/the link:
    The webinar password is anna