Treasury Committee

The Treasury Committee is the careful steward of Assembly Funds. They do not dictate the budget. This committee makes sure the books are balanced and the accounts are in order. They pay expenses authorized by the GA vote.

All funds donated or earmarked for the GA Assembly or any Pillar can be transferred to the main assembly account by check, Zelle, Venmo, or Cash App. Checks can be made out and mailed in care of the Treasury Committee at the following address:

The Tennessee Assembly
C/O 2372 Boatdock Road
Talbot, Tennessee [37877]

Please include a note of details if funds are intended for any specific use.

Zelle – info forthcoming

Venmo – info forthcoming

Cash App – info forthcoming

In case of any detailed information on what the funds are for, please additionally email Be as specific as you can.

UPDATE – The Treasury Committee is requesting (next GA meeting) that a Budget Committee be formed under the GA to create a budget and direct the use of funds by obtaining a GA vote in an organized manner. The Treasury Committee wants to work closely with this committee (meeting together at the same time temporarily) in order to flesh out a smooth process and all be on the same page as to best practices and how things will flow. The Budget Committee should be responsible for creating the budget and receiving purchase orders, getting them voted on by the GA and sending the approved ones to the Treasury for payment. All earmarked funding details will go to the newly requested Budget Committee upon formation. They will be responsible to allocate funding and obtain the GA approval vote to release funds.

How to get funding for your Pillar and Committee projects:

Currently, this is the process. Your pillar or GA committee votes on purchasing a needed item. Next,

  1. They can submit a purchase order request to the Budget Committee. The purchase order request is posted on the website. You will find it under the General Assembly tab and posted on the Budget Committee page ( You can also get a copy by emailing
  2. The Budget Committee first verifies that they have enough funds to allocate to the request and then brings the request to the GA for a vote.
  3. If it passes, the approved purchase order is autographed by the GA Assembly officer and presented to the Treasury Committee for payment.
  4. The Treasury Committee will contact the Chair of the Pillar or GA Committee for the best way to pay for the items on the purchase order and complete transactions. The Treasury Committee requires a receipt for all transactions.