International Business Assembly

Qualifications for joining this pillar can be found in article 3932 from Anna. To request to join please contact Office Chair at [email protected]

Meeting time changed to every 4th Monday of the month 6:30PM CST/7:30PM EST

The Tennessee International Business Assembly held on April 30th, 2024 elected Officers:

Officers Elected:

Chair – Stanley Davenport

Co-Chair – Randy Styer

Secretary – Michelle Pratt

Unanimous votes for all.

Future agenda ideas brought forward:

Address Chemtrails by amending HB2063

Legalize growing of hemp

Protecting private chicken flocks

Recognizing of ASNs by Defacto

Fluoride removal from municipal water supplies

Purifying food as much as possible (stop genetically modifying)

Stop removal of posted allodial titles at court house

Hold our employees accountable on ALL levels

AAMVA removed from advising/recommending road regulations

Reign in defacto on all levels especially education/tranportation

Reign in the unauthorized EPA

Educate our public servants on history and law

Remove all LEOs and reinstate lawful sheriff’s and their deputies